Liam (Cancer Bats Vocalist) and I (After not showering for 3 days durring SXSW and being sweaty as fuck.)

19 Mar



I forgot I had this! PENGUIN NATION!

8 Mar


Vivid Teaching and Sweet Lilacs “lyrics”

22 Feb

It’s about time you left the pod
You spent so much time preaching about the good old days that you forgot the new ponderings.
You forget about movements and monuments
You left a hole in a heart where a home was built
You sent a plea for change and gave us the bolts of a tank

It bothers me deeply to see how bleekly we see weekly updates on a far away mess we made where blood will hit land but never sink in. Insted it’s swept up in comotion and is drained in a sink.

You drove me to the notion of the motion is impossible, but I’ll keep going and make sure I won’t see it die. Because my life won’t die, it won’t die. I will seek my home alone, or I’ll have this army at my back to fight for the end that will be MY beginings.

My gun will be my head with my thoughts being the bullets in the back of every congressmen who lied and who let me witness pain. The one’s who speak the good game, for a good time, in a bad war. They won’t know the half of it.


22 Feb

We were wrong, that didn’t kill us. It made us matter.


22 Feb

Seen as an old soul lost in anger. I see him as a Hero.

Bone Fucks

22 Feb

Sitting in a black hole thinking a great king is here at this time. I hate to say my madness says words that mean something.

Jack’s Fuck that Gave

22 Feb

Sitting in a Store giving shits that were never asked for.
Back Allies were never ment for Love.